Oregon Forests and Climate Change

Oregon State University Forestry & Natural Resources Extension started a blog in 2015 on Oregon Forests and Climate Change. The goal of the blog is to assist Oregon’s private forest owners in understanding basic climate science principles, anticipated impacts on managed forests, and options for adaptation and management. Several articles have posted to this blog already, and we provide specific links to them here. As OSU Forestry and Natural Resources Extension updates the blog, we will add the new articles here.  You can also subscribe to their blog directly by providing your email in the box at the bottom right of any of their pages.  This will allow you to receive notification when there is a new post.

Extension specialists and agents from across the state are providing the science-based content for the blog. We expect that a lot of this information is surely to be of interest beyond Oregon.  We encourage you to check out this outstanding blog, or just browse an article of interest by clicking on the title in the table below.  

The Oregon Forests and Climate Change blog posts

07/07/2015 A forest manager’s dilemma An interview with an Oregon forest land manager. Janean Creighton
07/10/2015 A brief look at Oregon’s climate… Future climate projections for the region as compared to past conditions Amy Grotta
07/10/2015 Exploring climate variabilityPatterns of snowfall and drought in Southern Oregon Distinguishing climate variability vs trends, using southern Oregon as an example Max Bennett
07/17/2015 Seeking practical knowledge of climate in Oregon How changes in climate might affect forest management decisions Glenn Ahrens
08/21/2015 Extreme weather events in a changing climate Does climate science explain how today’s extreme weather relates to global climate change? Jason O’Brien
09/29/2015 Risk management: a way of framing woodland management decisions Applying climate change risk management to your own forest Amy Grotta
10/12/2015 Resiliency in the dry forests of Oregon Engaging management methods that promote forest resilience Paul Oester
10/26/2015 Managing forest health and resilience to climate change How we can manage forests to increase their ability to withstand climate extremes Glenn Ahrens