Seasonal Greening in U.S. Forests, Fields, and Urban Areas

Using the assessment tool ForWarn, land managers can monitor the growth and development of vegetation that signals winter’s end and the awakening of a new growing season. Researchers have devised a way to more precisely characterize the beginning of seasonal greening, or “greenup,” and compare its timing with that of the 14 previous years. Such information helps land managers anticipate and plan for the impacts of disturbances such as weather events and insect pests.

Three maps detailing greenup in …

Bill Hubbard

William Hubbard has served as the Regional Forester for the Extension Service-Southern Region since 1993.  This is a liaison to thirteen 1862 University Land Grant University and the Southern Region of the U.S. Forest Service. His work involves using new and traditional technologies in regional educational programming and enhanced communication and coordination of information and activities across states and agencies in the areas of forestry and natural resource management. He previously held several teaching, research and Extension positions at the …

Sarah Workman

Sarah Workman

Sarah works with Southern Regional Extension Forestry as a faculty member of the Warnell School and the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia. She helps provide and edit materials for various eXtension Communities of Practice, notably the Urban Forestry and Energy Conservation community, the Forest Farming community and the Extension Disaster Education Network.

Sarah is engaged in strategic development of partnerships through collaborative work with faculty peers, in grant preparation and programming, and